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Ned Former Staff Posts: You'll plug your shore power cord into whatever outlet is available. At a residence you'll probably only have access to 15A or 20A and will need an adapter s to plug in.

What make and model is your RV? You need volts.


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If you have a 30 amp service that will be a 30 amp single phase service. It you have a 50 amp service that would be 2 separate 50 amp, volt lines. You can tell by looking at the plug on your cord. Almost all RV appliances operate from volt, some higher end models may use volt but I have never seen one.

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Jim Logan Posts: If it's a 50 amp service you can all so run it on 30 amp with an adapter,you can't run all that you listed at the same time you'll need to keep an eye on the amprage you are pulling. Wow thanks for the quick response!!!! I dont expect to be able to run everthying but i domt want to have to turn of my tv and water heater to microwave something! It would probably not be too difficult to replace the regular extension cord with a heavy duty one and that might allow you to run more items at the same time.

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Water Dog Posts: Ok so i have a cord that powers the house now and it hangs out of the trailer but its just a regular male end that plugs into a regular extension cord that plugs into a regular 3 prong house outlet but its not drawing enough power. Lou Schneider Forum Staff Posts: The amount of electricity you can use is limited by the weakest link in the supply chain. In this case, it sounds like you are limited to 15 amps by the plug and extension cord, even if you use an adapter to plug into a higher rated outlet.

But in order to upgrade the plug and cord, you first have to look at the rest of the trailer's electrical system, to ensure it can safely carry the extra power to your appliances. At a minimum you'll have to get a volt, 30 amp plug and cord and run that to a circuit breaker box in the trailer.

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It will have a 30 amp main breaker and 15 or 20 amp branch breakers feeding the various plugs and appliances. It might involve a total rewiring of the trailer - or you may have existing pieces that can be reused to reduce the cost. It's too bad your current electrician doesn't understand this. The problem starts when you have an appliance or other electronic device that requires v, like a casement air-conditioner, a dryer, or an EV charger.

Instead, they use plugs and receptacles that are the size of traditional v outlets, but have a slightly different plug shape and a v supply. And working with contractors can be a tremendous hassle. It even checks that the circuit is wired correctly first! Follow our simple installation tutorial or check out this helpful video by April Wilkerson below. The unit recombines the voltage into a single-phase v signal.

110v vs. 220v Wiring

There are several models available, offering 15A or 20A service. The 20A model is available with a straight or locking outlet plug.

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Take a look at the back of your appliance and find the plate that displays its specifications. There are three important things which you need to find: How does all this work? Doing so will risk damaging the unit and could even start an electrical fire.

Limited 220v outlets and wrong plug shapes

The question is, which model do you need? The 15A or the 20A? This list is NOT exhaustive—just a small sample! Photo courtesy of Tim Patterson. The appliance will draw too much current through the circuit.