I just started dating a guy in the army

Please take a seat and just breathe! I am going to message you so I can try and help you more than a couple of silly sentences haha. You are going to be alright and it is hard for me to answer this all on here. It really comes down to how you feel about each other. Sit down with him and let him know you are going to wait faithfully for his return and ask if he will do the same.

Let him know if you want this to be exclusive or if he thinks you should be able to see other people while apart.

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Just calm down and breath!!! I never think about the bad things it just makes me depressed! Try and stay busy do lots of things and well try not to mope around! He will even more want to be with you if your going to support him along the way , The worst thing you can do is show weakness , just stay happy for him , imagine going away and knowing your other half is unhappy? My so was deployed before for a while and it made us stronger! The best thing you can do for him is show him your gonna be there for him through thick and thin! He will love you forever for it trust me.

If he is incredible like you say , do your best for him and he will be happy! Obviously its not the best thing to happen but just stay positive!

You have a long time till he does go away and this will definetely help with it! You have a lot of time to think and get ready for it and also get to know eachother better! This happened to be too , I met my boyfriend and 4 months into our relationship he told me he said to go away a year later but that whole time , we grew stronger as people and also our relationship and this made everything ok and im sure it will for you too.

We have been together for nearly 2 years and had two deployments in that time! I hope I helped you out a little bit! Please feel free to ask me anything else or message me!

All of us army wives and girlfriends have to stick together x. Please thank all of your brave men for their service to our country. I sent my Fiance food and shaving cream etc in packages when he was on deployment. It is hard, but you just have to keep concentrating on life and friends and keep busy. It was more stressful for him to think of me back here! Wow, that is so recent! I just met him two months ago! Maybe I will show him later. My best advice is to sit him down and get as much information as you can from him! When I first started dating FH, I knew literally not one single thing about the military.

He loved that I took an interest and he loved answering questions for me. Knowledge is the best tool you can have! Not only will that help you understand things from his point of view, but it may make you feel better about his safety. Skyping and communication varies so much on deployments.

When my FH is deployed, even if I go a week with consecutive e-mails from him, I never get used to it or grow to expect it. He will love as many or as few as you send. Everywhere I go I find something that he might like and I put it in a box and slowly collect items. It makes you stronger and your relationship will grow hugely. Good luck and feel free to PM me if you need to talk or have questions.

Hes going away for 6 months! So this will be our longest time apart!! Its kinda difficult what to say because you have only been together for 2 months! I have a good friend who was boot camp, advanced training and then deployment for the first 3 years I knew him. I found that the distance actually helped us get to know each other really well, maybe better than we would have otherwise. Stock up on some nice stationary. Read up on things to pack in care packages. I worked in a call center with the typical odd personalities you find in any office. I would jot crazy things people said or did on post-it notes and include them with my letters.


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He got a kick out of these funny little glimpses of normal life. Check it out if you want some inspiration.

Some people decorate the insides, too, which is cute. Just wanted to say my thoughts are with you! Deployments can be rough but you will get through them. My Fiance is in the Air Force and deploys about times per year for 2 months at a time. While it does suck that he leaves so often and for so long, it definitely makes us stronger. Skype, text messaging and phone calls are possible at most locations, allowing you to communicate in real time. If your boyfriend is stationed within a reasonable drive of your home, you might want to spend some time with him on post.

Dating in the military

While spouses receive an ID card that allows them to use the base facilities, significant others do not. Although specific regulations vary from base to base, in most cases your boyfriend must sign you in and escort you throughout your visit.

New Relationship With A Military Man…Deployment?!

Depending on the current security alert level at a particular base, your car might be searched. If you are permitted to explore on your own, pay close attention to posted signs. Some areas are strictly off-limits to visitors. Deployment is one of the toughest and scariest parts of military life.

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Family Readiness Groups are organizations sponsored by each base that distribute information and provide moral support before, during and after a deployment. Online support groups are available as well. Keep in mind that your deployed solider is in a lonely and sometimes dangerous situation. It is up to you to find your emotional support elsewhere and focus on being a source of strength for him.

Avoid cheating or breaking up with your boyfriend while he is deployed, as heartbreak is a source of stress that could increase the danger for him and the rest of his unit. Wait to have any serious discussions until he returns home.

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You will probably find your enlisted guy is worth any complications.