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Long distance does not have to be an obstacle if two people really desire to be together. I am a dedicated vegan and humanist, compassionate with both humans and animals, devoted, loyal, light hearted, humorous, a deep thinker, articulate, emotionally expressive, able to be vulnerable with my feelings, trustworthy, honest, and open. I enjoy being affectionate and playful, strong and determined, yielding and accomodating. I believe strongly in equality and fairness in relationships. I like doing special things for my partner to surprise them. I am very sensitive which helps me to know what others are feeling sometimes before I ask.

I strongly believe in friends first to allow a romantic connection to develop naturally. In my Backyard I grow all the organic vegetables. Cooking , Gardening ,DIY are my passion , I collect rain water for gardening , I want to do everything in favor of mother nature.

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I have a huge heart for animals and some humans ; , love the outdoors, exploring nature, taking tours with my bike to the lake in summer to picknick and go for a swim but I also enjoy staying home and snuggle up on the couch with a good book or a good movie. I am also very creative and do a lot of handicrafts. I like to live a spiritual lifestyle and learn more about spirituality. I am vegan since the s and active in animal rights.

I have travelled much, lived in Philadelphia and Italy and most recently in Portugal, where I met many people in the ever-increasing vegan movement. I was studying galaxy evolution in Porto and went to a conference in Cozumel, Mexico, presented my new findings on a distant galaxy saw some Mayan sites, Chichen Itza etc while I was there. Unfortunately, on my return to Porto found that no more funding was available and I have since been out of work, which is a bit depressing.

Of course I am hoping and trying to return to the astronomy soon. I went to the 'uk vegan campout', stayed on an organic farm in Yorkshire, not sure yet of next move or how long I will be here, trying to find new friends. I enjoy getting outside and heading to the beach, going for a walk, catching up with friends. Love the small things about life, stars, sitting on the grass chilling. Nice to meet you.

My name is Ayu, from Indonesia. I am simple, loving, caring, and loyal. If you want to know more about me, please don't hesitate to ask me any questions. Drop me emails and I will surely give response. I'd like to think I'm open minded and fun. One thing for sure I'm not good at describing myself.

So it is up to you to find out more about me! I am looking for a connection.

I am a 5th grade teacher and love my job. I have two grown children who live with me and who are also vegan. I like to spend time at home just talking and having a lazy weekend, but I do enjoy going out as well. Road trips, movies, concerts, comedy shows, and baseball games are a few of the things I enjoy.

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I am active in animal rescue and work for a local dog and cat rescue group. No one is perfect and we all have faults or things we need to work on. I consider myself a reflective person and I am always working on growing and evolving. I prefer stimulating and meaningful conversation, but appreciate being ridiculous at times, too. I've retired once already and now I'm focusing my energy on what I want to do in life - working on home improvements, teaching international relations at the CC, but most importantly helping to heal others through various energy healing modalities. The practice of healing arts, meditation, yoga, and exercise are important to me.

And so is my family - my daughter was married in September and my son is leaving soon to start a new career. I also love to take in a concert or symphony, see the latest movie, and go out to dinner. I have worked on myself over the years and I am grounded, balanced, and know who I am. An advocate of the environment, I always find time to be outdoors as much as possible. Love music and song, and have a quirky sense of humor. My life is full and often magical - looking for that special person to walk with me. Like all of these profiles, this only scratches the surface to describe who I am - we are all such complex energies traversing the planet.

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Contact me to explore our possibilities. In my free time I paint on pebbles.

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I love watching movies, My favourites being sci-fi, fantasy, comedies, romance, action. I'm genuine,original, introverted, caring and thoughtful. Love a good laugh with some sarcasm on the side. Ideally, I enjoy being with a man who can just be comfortable, confident, and internally happy with his life, knows what he wants and has inner drive. I admire people who chose to shine after all the storms they had weathered, those who speak their minds, not opinionated, and those who know what they want and have the passion of getting it.

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My experience tells me a good communication is essential in any great relationship and would love to pursue that challenge with someone who's willing to explore all the possibilities in the future along with me. I am a very passionate person who can and am willing to explore all the inner thoughts of an intimate relationship. I'm an emotionally and behaviorally balanced, mature, witty, interesting and curious person. I'm thoughtful and kind and am often moved by people's difficulties. I'm not given to extreme swings of mood. I'm also consistent and try to view other's actions as best as I can from their point of view.

I also lead a disciplined and moderate lifestyle and am not bored easily. My interests include reading, exercising, walking in cities, travel, coffee shops, cooking, world cinema, classical music. And I do drink wine with dinner 2 or 3 times a week. Last thing about me: I love hot weather. My ideal temperature range is F! Long-time vegan originally from Portland.

Graduated from the UofO in Mathematics. Disappointed to see Eugene's vegan community isn't quite as fleshed out, but love it here anyway. I am an out-and-about person on the weekends; I often enjoy walking to Morning Glory in the morning and then taking a walk up Skinner's Butte. I'm an avid visitor of Ninkasi Brewery and brew my own from time to time. I'm looking for an open-minded woman who enjoys the outdoors, going for hikes, and can carry an intellectual conversation.

And at the risk of sounding contrary to my previous sentence of open-mindedness, I'm interested in vegans only. Cow milk is kind of a turn off for me: I was raised as a vegetarian, and became vegan 30 years ago when I learned about the awful cruelty in the dairy industry. Newer reasons to be vegan include nutrition, climate change, ecology, etc.

Soon afterward, I played an active role in prosecuting animal cruelty charges against the medical lab at a major Canadian university. My sense of humour is irreverent--something that not everyone appreciates! As an example, I like inverting common sayings that reflect violence to animals. I'm now supporting my third rescued Alaskan Malamute, who is slowing down a lot at age but is pretty happy.

As a child I never had a dog, but I have a deep connection with Malamutes that I don't understand. It's such a strong connection that it almost feels as though it's genetic: Perhaps my early ancestors lived with Malamutes in the Arctic!

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  8. Besides Malamutes, I'm interested in hiking, jazz, classical music esp. I've never been interested in watching professional sports, or playing golf except mini-golf, of course , and never understood how anyone could be interested. But people also do lots other things that make no sense to me, including hunting and fishing. Recently moved to Pender Island, one of B.