Istp dating enfj

And I have no motivation either. My current girlfriend is an ENFJ, and sometimes she's so probish asks too many questions about what im thinking, feeling, etc , and just can't take a hint when I tell her "I don't want to talk about it", with it being anything that's pissing me off at the moment. In fact, before I found about personality types, we were at each other's throats for the last 3 months almost every other day We've been together for a year and a half.

Anyway, just want to know your experiences. You've been with an ENFj for that long!? So when ENFjs probe, what do you do? Why don't you just tell them you don't wanna talk about it straight up? Have you ever done so? I am quite attracted to the idea of ISTps too, but I am afraid of pissing them off as you say. Originally Posted by ScarlettLux. Thats all i can say. ENFp Unsure of Subtype "And the day came when the risk it took to remain closed in a bud became more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

I have alot of experiences with ISTp too One is medoicre, one with lots of experience and lessons, one that ended fast and both enjoyed it, and one is disgusting friend who betrayed me and critisized me over few years and during my hard hard period was making me bad and percepting and projecting on me wery bad image that made me bad, the final is bad thouhg may be he is ISFp? I wrote some stuff in "failed dual" relationships thread about it btw ISTp cant understand that ENFj just need acceptance and accepted, esp when they feeling much, and telling "go avay" or "i have my own buisness" is bad thing to do.

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Anyways - the best solutions for those - being just spectator of other actions from some distance. If it not possible better just go to "EXIT" and dissapear completely , aviding any contact from both sides. Ni Creative there are 3 levels of sword mastery: Originally Posted by meatburger. Life's too short even to do the things you want to, let alone the things you dont!!

Whenever these types get together within a 1 mile radius, for any reason, they spontaniously combust. They are not the same thing? By your interactions and signature quotes, it almost sounds like you are unaware of what socionics is. Pre post are written with incomplete understanding. Originally Posted by Sorc. You're an individual, and that makes people nervous.

And it's gonna keep making people nervous for the rest of your life. Originally Posted by flower.

ISTP Weaknesses

Originally Posted by mikemex. You go up to them and you tell them your problem and they act emphatic pretending to help you for minutes and then when you leave the office they act against you. If I was an HR Manager I would go straight for the kill and tell them what they can do to improve themselves in one minute. Now both of us don't solve your issue, except one wastes more time and probably makes you feel better about yourself. The other doesn't waste time but probably makes you feel like you shouldn't come back to us. I've had several cold wars with ENFJs both female and male and I noticed that if they were going to try to attack me in whatever way they usually get a group of people to launch at me, while my method is to do a precision strike to cut them down which is not hard since they expose themselves constantly.

My mom is ENFj. It's the weirdest fucking relationship ever. Originally Posted by Gilly. You've done yourself a huge favor developmentally by mustering the balls to do something really fucking scary That's an interesting thought.

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  7. Whether I'm convinced that I'm an ISTp or even that Socioncs is worth a hoot in the first place is not particularily relevent here, but I find that as far as my 'conflicting type' goes, the ENFjs on this forum seem absent with the PoLR-whacking. In fact, Kristiina comes across in a very attractive manner - not trying to be creepy or anything, just stating a fact. That said, my real-life experiences with those who appear to be ENFj have been less than stellar.

    Want to Learn More?

    Like I said, it's an interesting thought to think that at first we may seem quite alike to outside observers. Can that be exploited? Originally Posted by Winterpark. Originally Posted by force my hand. Conflicts generally revolve around Ne and Ni issues. Last edited by unefille; at Originally Posted by unefille. In these moments, they seem pessimistic, because they extrapolate from their past experiences what is going to happen: I would agree, and I also have this combination of parents.

    The SLI in particular loses all sense of ethics and fights dirty when a fight is on. Hello, my name is Bee. Pleased to meet you. Originally Posted by bee. SLI's are good people.

    Originally Posted by dolphin. Character, in the long run, is the decisive factor in the life of an individual and of nations alike. SLIs - usually mean and cold on the outside, behavior and attitudes Originally Posted by Kristiina. As for executing plans, I know I either want to be working off my own vision, or else I want a specific plan of attack from the other person.

    Them wanting me to "buy into" their vision is crap.

    What Types Are Socially Compatible With ENFJs?

    I can't do that, and resent the expectation to. However, I'm good at refining plans, so when someone comes to me and says "I want to do this, and this is how I think I'll reach that goal. While I'm doing this, can you do that to help me get ready for As for fighting, I rarely fight or argue.

    But the few times I and my SO at the time got into heated discussion, I am far more likely to have withdrawn instead of explode. I do not call names, and I do not react to being called names, unless you count exasperation with the immature behavior. If an act or attitude is attributed to me and I disagree with the other person's interpretation, I may get defensive, but usually after the first defensive statement or two I get the feeling I'm not getting anywhere and try to redirect the conversation though that rarely works either, hence, ultimately, getting the fuck away.

    Originally Posted by Charles Bukowski. We're all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn't.

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    Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Add Thread to del. Dating your opposite type: Or do u have ur own experiences of this? What are the chances of this match working? Anywayz, share ur thoughts. Isn't that type the farts sunshines and vomits rainbows? I prefer someone with a grasp on reality. Also fucking learn to spell correctly. I have a pretty good ENFJ friend.

    [ISTP] Dating your opposite type: ENFJ

    We don't talk much but we never really grow apart. He's great fun and has a big heart. I imagine them always smiling and throwing rainbows everywhere they walk It looks more professional. I know if I managed any kind of business, I would not hire anyone that uses "u" instead of "you". Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

    GinningPuma and Grad thanked this post. Addressing the absolute dickishness in this thread: No need for arrogance. Since when does rudeness help people become better spellers? The people who do this are not trying to help anyone constructively but instead, use their knowledge to ridicule.