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It uses the proven bottom-up, in-situ or white-box testing approach.

This exploits knowledge of your system to pinpoint vulnerabilities that black-box or penetration testing could miss. It also provides detailed and testable system and procurement cyber security requirements.

How to Install pH7CMS 1.3.* - The Video Guide

By translating international security standards into specific technical requirements for each component type, we have developed a set of detailed test cases. Using the well-known Common Criteria methodology, our analysts identify which test cases are relevant to your device.

How It works

Then, exploiting knowledge of how the device is applied in your system, they perform a series of exploit and robustness tests that are tailored to energy IT and smart meter protocols. This allows them to verify how secure the device is to all globally known vulnerabilities.

Breadcrumbs Energy Services Cyber security in energy. A complete cyber security health test Thorough cyber security testing of energy IT, smart grid and smart meter components Based on international standards such as IEC , NERC-CIP and IEEE Identify relevant test cases using well known Common Criteria methodology Perform a series of exploit and robust tests to highlight any vulnerabilities Detailed report back of findings and possible mitigation measures Suggestions for improvements the device for dialogue with management or vendor.

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